Bidet Toilets - What Type Of Bidet Toilet You Need

The most commonly encountered bidet toilets are the hand-held bidet or the hand held shower bidet. Both these fixtures provide the user with a wet and a dry bathing experience. They are available in different models for men, women and children of all ages. These bidets also vary according to their features and functions.

The hand held bidet at is the first type of bidet that comes with built-in controls. They can be used to wash both your feet and your genitalia. This bidet can be attached to the existing toilet or you can also opt for the stand-up bidet that is placed on a small platform that is easily attached to the wall. The stand-up bidet is basically a smaller version of the traditional bidet that is useful for people with limited space.

Another type of bidet fixture is the tray based bidet. They are also known as self-contained bidets as the water is flushed into the toilet bowl instead of mixing with the bathwater. This type of bidet is made up of a small tank with a filtering system and a nozzle that sprays water onto your genital area while simultaneously cleaning it. The sprayer nozzle of these bidets can either be hard or soft jets. You can choose between a high or low speed depending on your preference. The tray-based bidet is extremely hygienic and hence is preferred by many people.

The third type of bidet fixture is the bidet toilet paper holder. It is designed to keep dry, wet tissue out of the toilet bowl so that no moisture can build up. The toilet paper holder consists of a small basket that is used to keep dry tissues and also a few rolls of toilet paper. It is very easy to use as the basket is detachable and there is no need to keep dry tissue in the toilet. Click on this link for more info:

The last type of bidet fixture is called the bidet pedestal. These are very modern bidets that look like the toilet seat that you would typically find in the bathroom. They resemble an ordinary seat that you would have in your home or in the office. However, they are much higher than a toilet seat and therefore are not appropriate for houses with small bathrooms. They are usually placed in the bathroom next to the toilet.

All three types of bidets are available for purchase at any good home depot store or online. Modern bidets are also sold in online stores at affordable prices. The three most popular bidets types are porcelain, hard and tray based. It's good to click on this site to learn more about the topic:

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